Glock 27 G4, .40 S&W, Full Flat Dark Eath, 9rd, Fixed Sights



Manufacturer Number:PG2750204D

Caliber:40 Smith and Wesson

Model:Glock G27Unit of Measure:Each


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The largest online gun auction site in the world is no slouch when it comes to offering Glock 27 pistols for sale. Here at, you can discover Glock 27s anytime of day in our live gun auctions. We offer an always-growing selection of Glock 27 pistols, parts, accessories and collectibles that you can only find here. The Glock 27 is a semi-auto pistol that’s a .40 caliber version of the Glock 26. A small, powerful and accurate weapon, it’s used primarily as a backup gun by law enforcement agencies in as many as 48 countries. Learn more about the Glock 27 and all Glock firearms, only at

Historically Glock

Glock sprung onto the firearms scene in the early 1980s when it answered the call from the Austrian military to develop a weapon that fulfilled 17 strict criteria. Among other attributes, it had to be self loading and have fully interchangeable parts. Glock soon responded with the Glock 17 thanks in big part to founder Gaston Glock’s vision. An Austrian engineer, Glock was a plastics expert who had never designed a gun till he was in his early 50s. His company has produced a variety of popular handgun models since the Glock 17, including the Glock 27 pistol. Like the other Glock pistols before and after it, the Glock 27 is known to be reliable – even in extreme weather conditions – and is easy to clean, maintain and repair.

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All of this Glock 27 talk probably has you in the mood to check out our live auctions – feel free! You can bid on, buy and sell Glock 27 parts, accessories and collectibles 24 hours a day, every day. Also, you can check out our massive offering of other Glock models as well as firearms from a wealth of top manufacturers. If you’re not ready for the auction scene just yet, head on over to the Product Center to get information on Glock 27 pistols and much, much more. The Product Center is a handy resource for all things Glock, as you can view images and read product reviews submitted by gun aficionados like yourself.

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