Glock 23, 40SW, w/13 Round Mags, FLAT DARK EARTH FRAME


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Shop for Glock 23 on line at is the most important gun public sale web website online withinside the international for a reason, and our choice of Glock 23 pistols is positive to consist of the Glock 23 guns, components and add-ons you desire. A semi-car pistol that`s almost same to the Glock 19 (the previous is barely heavier), Glock 23s are multi-purpose .forty quality guns which might be used by regulation enforcement, FBI, civilians and aggressive shooters. Check out our complete choice of Glock firearms today! You can bid on, purchase and promote a large number of different objects in our auctions, such as ammo, looking gear, knives, swords and plenty greater.

Glock: The Legend Continues

Founded with the aid of using Austrian engineer and plastics professional Gaston Glock in 1963 in Austria, Glock is a guns producer this is fine recognised for its manufacturing of pistols, subject knives, clothing and entrenching tools (i.e. collapsible spades utilized by the military). Glock over the past numerous a long time has produced numerous handgun fashions in a number of calibers, such as the respected Glock 23 pistol. Glock guns are properly acquired with the aid of using their proprietors due to the fact they are time examined to be reliable, paintings in intense situations and are like minded with a large number of ammo types. Also, Glock firearms use a easy layout that makes them clean to maintain, restore and clean.

Check out Glock 23 Pistols for Sale

Chances are you are geared up to bid on, purchase and promote Glock 23s and different firearms and add-ons in our thrilling auctions. If you need to analyze greater approximately Glock 23 pistols, different Glock firearms (just like the Glock 19, Glock 22 or Glock 27) or take a deep dive into the records of different famous guns manufacturers, head to the Product Center. The Product Center is a web useful resource that may offer you with all of the data you want like product reviews, product images, specs after which some.

Compact dimensions for open and concealed
carry, minimum weight despite large magazine
capacity in .40 caliber. This and the reliability
of the GLOCK pistol known throughout the world,
which was demonstrated through tests and widespread
use by US law enforcement agencies, were decisive
arguments for the F.B.I. and countless police authorities
for introducing the GLOCK 23 as their official service pistol.

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