Glock 22 Gen4, .40 S&W, 4.49″, 15rds, FS, USA Made


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glock 22 for sale


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The Glock 22 pistol is the combination of quality and accuracy. Its high-tech engineering and assembly make this gun to stand up against punishment; even when under the most intense conditions. The Glock 22 made its debut in 1990 and was becoming one of the most famous pistols by individuals and law enforcement service by 2006. The pistol effectively bridges the gap between .45 calibers and the 9x19MM. The Glock 22 is chambered in the .40 caliber round which had made its debut a short time before the model 22 was released. Just like the .380 ACP is a short version of the 9MM, the .40 cal. is a short version of the 10MM. glock 22 for sale is a modified version of Glock 17. The model 17 is a 9MM, so the polymer frame had to be beefed up a little, and a new slide, barrel, springs, and magazine had to be manufactured in order to accommodate the hotter .40 caliber ammunition. The Glock 22 has undergone 3 major revisions since its debut in 1990. Today, the model produced is the Gen4 which is widely used by military, policemen, security guards and especially private gun owners.

The Glock22 comes with standard 15-round magazine. The gun has an overall length of 8.03 inches and height of 5.43 inches. The pistol weighs 25.59 oz. when empty, and 34.42 oz. when it is loaded. The pistol is semi-automatic short recoil operated gun. The frame surface is made of new Gen4 rough textured polymer, scientifically tested and designed in real world. The latest Glock dual recoil spring assembly is essential to enhance the durability of the guns mechanical system. The Glock reversible magazine catch can easily accommodate the right handed or left handed shooter. The distinct Glock barrel is hammer forged with milled rifling, which increases velocity and greater accuracy. This pistol can compete with any maker of .40 caliber pistols, and is completely capable of outperforming most of them. The Glock 22 pistol will never let you down in terms of quality, accuracy, dependability, and durability.

If you ever wanted a gun that delivers everything to you, including the perpetrator, this is it. This gun is the right design, the right caliber, the right price, and the right of passage for serious handgunner,

The GLOCK 22 Gen 4 is an outstanding choice for duty defense competition and concealed carry. The GLOCK 22 Gen 4 is one of the most popular and well respected firearms available anywhere today. The GLOCK 22 Gen 4 gives shooters the perfect combination of size and firepower to handle anything that comes their way. When things go from bad to worse you will be glad that you have one of the finest defensive tools available on the market today and GLOCK pistols are reliable durable and accurate. There is a reason why GLOCK is used by more law enforcement military and security forces world wide than any other pistol GLOCK=Perfection.


– Action: Semi-Auto
Caliber: .40 S&W
– Capacity: 15
– Finish: Black
– Sights: Fixed
– Grip: Polymer
– Barrel Length: 4.49″
– Twist: 1:9.84
– Overall Length: 8.03″
– Weight: 22.93 oz


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