Federal American Eagle Rifle Ammunition .223 Rem 55gr 3240 fps 20/ct

(6 customer reviews)

Manufacturer- Federal

Caliber- .223 Rem

Grain- 55 gr

Bullet Type- FMJ

Energy at Muzzle- 1282 ft-lbs

Ballistic Coefficient-0.269

Velocity- 3240 fps

Rounds- 20

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Federal American Eagle Rifle Ammunition .223 Rem 55gr 3240 fps 20/ct offers consistent, accurate performance at a price that’s perfect for high-volume shooting. The loads feature quality bullets, reloadable brass cases and dependable primers.


  • Ideal for target practice
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Consistent primers and brass

6 reviews for Federal American Eagle Rifle Ammunition .223 Rem 55gr 3240 fps 20/ct

  1. Greg Isaacs

    I would buy again
    We were breaking in a new rifle. No issues with the ammo…as expected. Good range ammo and accurate. Fun times.

  2. Neil Gerdes

    Great ammunition best I can tell
    Practice targets fired well no hang-up

  3. Andy Hunt

    Very good stuff
    I have bought this type many times. It is very reliable. It is good for target shooting and plinking. Do not think this is high quality match ammo because it’s not. If that is what you need, load your own. Besides great shooting ammo, the cases are LC brass, makes for nice reloads. MSR ammo has mil grade primers-harder than standard stuff.

  4. Victor Antonetty

    A very accurate and consistent choice
    i have nothing negative to report on this ammo. It functioned flawlessly, and accuracy was obviously better than the ability of the shooter.

  5. Kim Evans

    Usually this ammo is pretty good. Check your barrel twist rate for the ammo you are shooting and barrel length etc. I thought it was reasonably accurate though it is not match grade competition ammo or anything. Felt bad with the previous review. I use with 16″ 1/9 and 1/8 twist rifles.

  6. Cheryl Harvey

    Dependable ammunition brand.
    I shoot paper targets at the range. Very steady, reliable ammo. Weapons clean up nicely.

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