Berger Hunting Rifle Ammunition .308 Win 168 gr OTM 2675 fps 20/ct

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Berger Hunting Rifle Ammunition .308 Win 168 gr OTM 2675 fps 20/ct provides the most demanding hunter, competitive shooter and Mil/LE warfighter a precision-built performance product that is unequaled in today’s premium ammunition market. Each cartridge is assembled with the world’s finest components to exacting tolerances, purposefully dimensioned to maximize the results of your favorite shooting discipline. Berger Ammunition is a direct result of serious accuracy enthusiasts insisting upon its development to accomplish their end goal; acquire Match Grade ammunition that meets the rigorous specifications and performance demands of precision handloads

3 reviews for Berger Hunting Rifle Ammunition .308 Win 168 gr OTM 2675 fps 20/ct

  1. Jas Crookie

    Best ammo I have used
    Consistently accurate and deadly. Most animals drop where they stand, furthest they have ran is 20 yards.

  2. Amanda Ligget

    I shoot Black Hills and …
    I shoot Black Hills and Lapua match rounds normally from my suppressed 308, but decided to take it hunting in Nebraska recently. I chose these based on their design to expand and fragment causing a large wound cavity. Took two deer with one shot each (didn’t take more than 1 step each) at just under 400 and 500 yards (Nikon rangefinder). I’m very pleased with the effectiveness of these rounds at range, just be prepared to lose the better part of the back shoulder if the bullet exits there.

  3. Angle Cruz

    I would continue to buy this ammo as long as they make it!
    I use this ammo in my AR-10 308. It shoots extremely well! I have used other ammo and it seems to not eject the case as well as the HSM. Very good groups!

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