Barnes Vor-TX Rifle Ammunition .300 Blackout 120gr JHP FB 20/ct

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Barnes Vor-TX Rifle Ammunition .300 Blackout 120gr JHP FB 20/ct Every round of lead-core Barnes Ammunition is carefully engineered for maximum versatility. This 55-grain jacketed hollow-point bullet delivers impressive terminal results ideal for predators, varmints and range metal, with industry-leading Barnes precision built-in. Constructed with unmatched quality control and premium components for confidence on the range, on game and for personal defense

6 reviews for Barnes Vor-TX Rifle Ammunition .300 Blackout 120gr JHP FB 20/ct

  1. Patricia Hackett

    Best bullet I’ve ever used
    After much research on copper bullets I decided to give Barnes TTSX BT a try in my 30-06. First off, they group better at 100 than any factory load I’ve tried. Secondly the performance on big game is exemplary! I recovered this 180 gr bullet from the off-side of a Kentucky whitetail shoulder just under the hide. The deer dropped like a sack of taters following the 300 yard shot in rain and 20 mph wind! I am sold on Barnes!

  2. Jennifer Leturgez

    hot very Well
    For my first time to the range with my hells canyon chambered in 30-06 I shot nosler accubonds. I I did shoot groups but not as tight as the Barnes. I’m not speaking badly about nosler as I know they are a great bullet. I shot at 200 first and dialed right into set my zero at 200 with the Barnes. I put 3 shot right after another right on the sticker that I placed on the center of my target. Next was 300 and had to just up a bit but put another 3 shot in a row right on the sticket I placed on my target. Some say need to find the bullet that shoots well as some don’t shoot well but Barnes shoot very well for me. I was going to shoot the 168 next but no need to.

  3. Paul Scherer

    Mule Deer Dropped in its Tracks
    Towards the late afternoon of the second day of 2017 deer season in California, found a nice forky about 115 yards out grazing in D11 zone. Shot him through the left shoulder, severed his heart, exited right lower chest (made a fist sized hole) and hit him in the right upper leg, fracturing it. Went down like a rock! This was my first deer. I had know idea how deadly a 30-06 was… Great ammo and humane killing performance…

  4. Louie Cortez

    Great bullet
    After waiting a few weeks as these bullets were out of stock I just revived my second purchase and got back to the range. At 100, 200 and 300 unmatched Precision. Sun MOA groups at each distance. I’m shooting the Hells canyon chambered in 30-06. These are what I’ll be using on my moose hunt this fall.

  5. Wages

    What an amazing round
    I shot a 165lb whitetail at 50 yards, the entry hole looked like most other brands exit wounds. I am extremely impressed with this bullet.

  6. Tim Niki

    2 VOR-TX + 2 Minutes = 1 Buffalo
    I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bag a cow buffalo in Arizona’s free-range, fair chase hunt on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Our state game and fish agency recommended lead free ammo due condor considerations and donated a box of VOR-TX to each hunter this year. I’d suffered severe metal fouling from a different brand bullet a couple years ago, and my experience using them on elk was mixed. This…was different. First, accuracy was superb: almost cloverleafed 3 shots at 200 yards off the hood of my Jeep. Second, they performed splendidly on a mature cow buffalo. The first shot was standing, squarely at her backside. It impacted squarely on her tail and travelled about 20″ through spine to lodge barely an inch into the tenderloin. She went down, arose; turned 90 degrees, and the second shot was a high lung shot, lodging in the offside against the skin. Both round retained almost 100% weight and she was lights out in 2 minutes.

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