Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 20/ct

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4 reviews for Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 20/ct

  1. Toneys R Goney

    A good load
    I bought a box of these to see if I wanted to try them during elk season. Out of my 24 inch Nosler 48 I got 2654 FPS average and a 4 shot group right at an inch . Yes I will try them for elk.

  2. Coral Reefer

    So far so good
    Haven’t shot any game with these yet but are quite accurate from my rifle. Happy with them.

  3. Carmack

    Outstanding Accuracy and Faster Than Advertised!
    Barnes VOR-TX 200 grain TTSX .35 Whelen ammo is outstanding! It chronographed an average of 2,725 FPS from my custom Brown BLR with 22″ barrel. The ammo shoots sub-MOA, with my last group measuring 0.8 inches at 100 yards (lasered). I recently used this ammo on a black bear hunt and the effect on the animal was instant. Single shot and the bear dropped in its tracks. Shot was approximately 50 yards. I’m excited to use the same ammo during deer season. Highly recommend!

  4. Kenneth R

    Awesome 35 Whelen ammo
    I bought this ammo to use for bears in my Nosler 48 Outfitter. Accuracy is outstanding! One ragged hole at 100yds. One shot and had a 250 lb black bear down inside of 20 yards

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