Alliant Reloder 10X Smokeless Gun Powder

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Alliant Reloder 10X Smokeless Gun Powder Every container of Alliant Smokeless Powder is backed by a century of manufacturing experience and the most exacting quality control procedures in the industry. Alliant Reloder 10X Smokeless Gun Powder Chemical composition, grain shape and size, and overall density are constantly checked and tested in a ballistics lab to ensure consistency.

Reloder 10x is newest Alliant powder designed for use in light varmint loads, this smokeless powder creates high velocities also making it an excellent choice for benchrest shooters. Reloder 10x is one of the best choices for light bullet applications in .222 Rem, .223 Rem .22-250 Rem and key bench rest calibers. Also great in light bullet .308 Win loads.

Warnings from the Manufacturer:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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10 reviews for Alliant Reloder 10X Smokeless Gun Powder

  1. Asha White

    Best groups ever in 221 Fireball
    This is the most accurate powder in my .221 Remington 23″ barrel 1 in 10 twist 52 grain Nosler custom competition H.P. 17.9 grains Reloader 10X. I just chronographed this load and avg. fps. was 2769. A lot slower than my other loads, but I shot a 4 shot group center to center of .121. The extreme spread was 7 and S.D. was 3.4. That is by far the best I have had with any powder.

  2. Glenda Ramos

    I use Alliant Reloader …
    I use Alliant Reloader 10X in 204 Ruger and it performs very well. Clean, consistent and accurate. Would recommend this powder.

  3. Jay Williams

    Excellent in my 5.56 AR
    Tightest groups with the minimum charge in the reloading manual, 1.25″ groups at 100yds in my rifle, using 55gr Hornady FMJBT and CCI primers, clean and cost effective. Just stocked up on a few more bottles.

  4. Katharine Shields

    This 10X powder is …
    This 10X powder is excellent in .223 rifles for varmints. It is very accurate and is not as dirty as ball powders. It also meters quite well through a powder measure.

  5. Randy Susan Meyer

    First, this powder meters …
    First, this powder meters reasonably well for extruded powder and is clean burning. It has proven to be one of the best powders I have used to date for a 6.8 SPC in a Rock River AR Upper, free-floated 16″ Wilson barrel in combination with Hornady 110 grain VMAX bullets and Silver State brass (which uses Small Rifle Primers). Five (5) shot, 100 yard groups are running in the low 7/10 inch region. It appears it may do better with some experimentation and barrel break-in. Charge weight for load data cannot be shared on this site, but conservative data is available in the newest Hornady Manual.

  6. Kelly Ransom

    I use this and only this …
    I use this and only this powder. Extremely accurate using 55 grn FMJ’s as well as the 55grn V-MAX. Of 60 rounds fired, all but a few were within a 1 1/2″ bullseye. So I’m extremely happy with my loads.

  7. Colin Moore

    I use this powder in my …
    I use this powder in my Savage Model 10 Predator and Savage Model 12 Varmint Low Profile, both in 204 Ruger. It gives top velocities and the accuracy is very good in this caliber. I often get 1 inch groups at 200 yards with RE-10x and the Sierra 39 gr Blitzkings or with the 45 gr Hornady Soft Point. The only other powder I’ve found that gives similar results is H4895, but RE-10x is a little more accurate in both my rifles.

  8. Tony Svizzero

    Very stable powder for …
    Very stable powder for .223 cases. Does not develop max speeds, but it reliable over large heat range for loads near max. Gave me excellent results in a 20 Tactical 32gr V-Max bullet out to 600 yards.

  9. Gareth Marshall

    Excellent powder for 6.8 SPC
    This is my preferred smokeless powder for relaoding 6.8 SPC. I have a Wilson Combat Lightweight Tactical chambered in 6.8 SPC II and you can load this a bit hotter than the standard SPC SAAMI spec.

  10. Christine Falcone

    Great powder for the 204 …
    Great powder for the 204 Ruger. Have used it with great Luck Under 39gr Sierra BlitzKing and 32gr Hornady V-max . Getting .250 Groups out of a 26″ Encore barrel. Burns really clean.

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