Alliant BE-86 Smokeless Gun Powder

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Alliant BE-86 Smokeless Gun Powder Every container of Alliant Smokeless Powder is backed by a century of manufacturing experience and the most exacting quality control procedures in the industry. Chemical composition, grain shape and size, and overall density are constantly checked and tested in a ballistics lab to ensure consistency.

The special extruded flake formulation results in excellent ballistics in a wide array of centerfire pistol loads, with high energy, an ideal burn speed and less flash. Alliant BE-86 Smokeless Gun Powder It meters well and is available in 1- and 8-pound canisters. Like all Alliant Powder offerings, BE-86 provides superior lot-to-lot consistency.

Warnings from the Manufacturer:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.


  • Improved flow
  • Contains flash suppressant
  • High energy
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Versatile
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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1 Pound, 8 Pound

6 reviews for Alliant BE-86 Smokeless Gun Powder

  1. Michelle Probus

    I works with minimal flash
    I have used probably used 30# of this powder just last year in both 45ACP and 9mm. It works very well for both of them. I started using it mostly due to its reputation that flash is reduced. I have narrowed it down to 9mm only though and have a different powder for 45.

  2. Wendy Hunter

    Highly recommended
    I started loading this in my .40 using a 155 grain XTP and I’m extremely happy with the results. The powder is accurate, I fired a few rounds at night and I will say the flash is minimal as I could still see fine after dumping a whole mag. It meters great and burns really clean. After I use up all of the other powders I have for .38 and .45 I’m going to switch all of my reloads over to this powder.

  3. Lori Belcher

    Best for my 10mm
    I’ve used Power Pistol, N-105, Blue Dot, AA#9 in my Sig 10mm and Kimber 10mm. This BE-86 has been the best for consistent accuracy, not much variation in different temperatures anywhere from below zero winter to hot summer temps. I carry my Sig outside trapping with me in the winter. I’m using a Vortex Venom reflex sight on it, planning to upgrade the reflex sight to something a little higher quality. But I’m getting very good accuracy with the powder and Hornady XTP 180 bullets. Good enough to get a coyote at around 65 yards

  4. Barb Drummond

    My go to powder for 9mm
    Love this powder for bulk range blasting ammo. My Glocks run great with 124gr FMJ at 5.3gr charge and 1.145 OAL. This charge is above max on Hornady manual (very conservative) but Alliant’s data is 5.8gr max with 1.120 min length. 5.1 also runs the gun well with very low recoil and reliable ejection. 5.4gr felt pretty close Winchester M882 nato load that I had staggered in the mag.

  5. Ansel Medlin

    Great All Around Handgun Powder
    I load for several different calibers of handgun. Mostly I load 45 ACP, 44 Magnum, & 357 Magnum. This is a good powder for all of these. It’s a little slower than Unique but just as versatile. Super clean burning and low flash. It has been very accurate and I will buy it again.

  6. Melinda Robey

    By far the best I’ve tried
    I shot all the factory ammo IE: Winchester White Box (#1 factory ammo BTW) , Sig Sauer, American Eagle, Sellier and Ballot and NOTHING is as accurate as my handloads and this powder showed the highest accuracy with my 45. I’m going to start reloading my 40 next and this is the powder I’m going to be using. BTW I loaded 5- 230 grain Gold Dots with this powder 6.7 grains and 1.210 OAL. At 25 yards they were the most accurate 5 shots I ever took out of my 1911. Berry’s bullets are really good but, they are not Gold Dots. At $30 for 100 when you can get them Berry’s is the better option. The target below is at 40 feet. 8 shots. 3 bullets made an oblong hole.

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